My Medical Journey

Like many rosacea sufferers, I first thought all I had was a mild case of adult acne. I assumed that all I needed was a simple acne prescription and that in a week or two…poof…my skin would be completely clear. I was in for a rude awakening when that simple prescription and other rosacea medicines did not provide a cure. What baffled me the most was why the antibiotics worked so well in clearing my skin, but when I went off them; my rosacea came back with a vengeance.

But that wasn’t the only question that I agonized over. Why did the sun cause my already existing rash-like pimples on my face to explode and cover every square inch of it? Why did I suddenly break out from acidic and spicy foods that had never bothered me before? I was desperate to find these answers.

I explored every possible medical reason that could have caused this chronic skin condition. There had to be a root cause, and no doctor was going to tell me anything different.

Through two years of continuous research, I found that my rosacea was caused by problems in two areas of my body; the place where it originated and that the sinus/nasal areas were responsible for all of my horrible acne breakouts.