About the Author


I am a Jersey girl, born and raised in this beautiful garden state.  In the spring, the dogwood trees blossom and you can see a hint of pink glistening through the white petals.  Just as beautiful are the cherry blossom trees.  The wild, winter snow storms are awesome to watch and the beaches are beautiful.

But, as beautiful as our Jersey shores are, the intense hot summers only worsened the rosacea that covered my face.  I had to hide from the sun or suffer the harsh consequences of the heat.  Along with this medical diagnosis of rosacea, doctors informed me that there was no cure.  However, I knew my rosacea had a root cause and no doctor was going to tell me anything different.

Uncontrollable bouts of red rashes, pimply breakouts, and broken blood vessels were now a part of my permanent, adult face. Rosacea seemed to infiltrate every part of my face. It forced me to eliminate a lot of foods that I loved; spicy food, tomato sauce, and those sweet, delicious citrus fruits caused major breakouts on my face shortly after I ate them.  The story gets worse; I practically had to eliminate my favorite season--summer. The hot sun burned the pimply rash that was on my face and the topical cream I was using was not strong enough to keep the rash under control. How embarrassing! The antibiotics worked so well in clearing up my skin, but when I went off them my rosacea came back with a vengeance. Why?  I wrestled with that question and was determined to become the best medical detective, ever.

Unwilling to surrender to this condition, I did extensive research into alternative remedies, trial and error self-treatment and exploring studies that could lead to the root cause of my skin breakouts.  My research resulted in a cure which, I believe, makes medical sense!

My skin condition was very bad, as it affected my whole face; starting from the top of my forehead, right down to the top of my neck and my nose was a beautiful shade of red.  The options I was given was to wear green makeup to blend with my red pimply skin, use a topical cream to keep the breakouts under control, or try a few weeks of antibiotics.  Forget the green makeup, it didn’t work.  And the topical cream took too long to work for my severe condition.  The antibiotics cleared up my skin completely, but when I went off them, my rosacea came back with a vengeance.  This intrigued me the most and I needed to understand why the antibiotics worked so well.  The time invested was certainly worth it, because I am 100% Rosacea Free!

I never thought that one day I would write a book, especially about a skin condition.   But through the two years of continuous research in finding the root cause of my rosacea, this book emerged.  The wellness of my kids and others has always been the focus of my life.  I enjoy bringing optimism to those who have lost their hope of ever clearing up their skin and guiding them on the path of recovery like the one that changed my life.